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What are the Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga may help improve the health of the physical body by working to maintain and increase flexibility and range of movements, build strength and stamina or to aid balance and coordination.

Yoga may help to enhance your well-being by releasing tension, promoting relaxation and increasing resilience to the stresses of everyday life.

Yoga may help your focus and concentration.

Yoga can help you to find some "me time".

Many students in my classes have found support and formed new friendships from their fellow students.

Whatever it may and can help with it is almost certain that the practice of yoga will enrich your life.

What can I expect from the class?

The class always starts with a moment of quiet to start to draw the attention inwards and increase awareness of the body, mind and breath.

There are plenty of mobilisation exercises to warm up the muscles and joints.

We will then work with a variety of postures which will include those that promote increased flexibility, strength and stamina, and aid balance and coordination.

To finish there is breath-work and a relaxation, meditation or mindfulness practice.

What if I can't do the Postures?

I will always offer modifications and alternatives so that the yoga is accessible for all abilities and ages and in the case of any injuries or health-related issues. I also keep my classes small so that students can receive individual attention which enables everyone to progress and develop at their own pace.

Is there anything else I need to know or bring?

I would suggest you wear loose comfortable clothes that enable you to stretch and bend and not to eat a big meal within 2 hours of attending the class. But it is advisable to have eaten something light before you come and to bring water with you.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic I no longer provide equipment to share. Please bring a yoga mat or a non-slip blanket or towel. A block and belt are useful as well. I can always order these for you at cost, from sites where I get a teacher discount but bargains can also be found from shops such as TKMaxx and Lidl. It is a good idea to bring a blanket for use during relaxation at the end of practice, especially in the winter.


FAQs & Gallery. BALANCE

A simple (or not so simple) balance

FAQs & Gallery. ARMUP2

Helping a student find alignment and release tension (before Covid 19)

FAQs & Gallery. DOWNDOG

The ubiquitous Downward Facing Dog. Some students practising a modification at the wall

FAQs & Gallery. DANCER

Another modification, this time using a belt to help reach back towards the ankle.

FAQs & Gallery. PALMSUP

Warming up shoulders and legs


Breath work - increasing the inhalation and exhalation.

FAQs & Gallery. BRIDGE

Bridge Pose


Starting the practice with a mindfulness exercise

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